Rabu, 05 Desember 2007

Public test next week for Vista SP1

Microsoft on Tuesday said that it has reached the "release candidate" with the first service pack for Windows Vista, with plans to make the test software available publicly next week.

It is releasing the test code this week to the 15,000 or so people who have been beta testing SP1 already, and will also make it available on Thursday to those in the MSDN and TechNet developer programs.

"We feel really good and we look forward to receiving feedback from our larger set of testers," said David Zipkin, a senior product manager on the Windows Client team.

Microsoft also said on its Vista blog on Wednesday that it will make available a "blocker" that will allow customers who have Vista and use Windows Update to block SP1 upon its final release to allow for further testing. Microsoft offered a similar option with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Service Pack 1 is mainly designed as a collection of bug fixes and performance improvements rather than an attempt to add new features. Among the changes that are more feature-related is the ability to use BitLocker encryption on multiple hard drive volumes as well as changes to the desktop search feature which were made to satisfy antitrust concerns from Google.
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Jumat, 23 November 2007

Dell's XPS ONE All-in-One PC Now Available

Dell's XPS ONE All-in-One PC Now Available

During Michael Dell's keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld two days ago, the company publicly unveiled its all-in-one PC, the XPS ONE, and today it's finally available on their online store. However, systems are not expected to ship until 11/27 (based on pricing one out and "carting" it).

Intel Officially

Intel Officially Launches 45nm Penryn Family

Over the course of the past few months, we've brought you detailed analysis on Intel's forward-looking products based on their 45nm Penryn core architecture. At the time, these products were not officially launched in the various sales channels. Today Intel has announced official full availability of a number of new processors based on their bleeding-edge 45nm High-k metal gate silicon process technology that offers both lower power consumption and higher clock speeds...

NVIDIA "Renders" First Billion Dollar Quarter

NVIDIA "Renders" First Billion Dollar Quarter

NVIDIA Thursday released its earnings for fiscal Q3 2008, with a record revenue of $1.12 billion. This is the first time a GPU company has crossed the $1 billion mark for a quarter. It's also an increase of 36% from fiscal Q3 2007.

Seaget Ships Virus-Laden Hard Drives

Seaget Ships Virus-Laden Hard Drives

Oh, that familiar refrain: something from China that's harmful. In this case, for once it's not a set of toys covered in lead paint. It's hard drives that have been infected at the manufacturer with a virus.

Seagate has posted a warning on its website about its Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 hard drives. According to the posting, Seagate traced the issue to a "small number" of units produced by a Maxtor Chinese sub-contractor.

The virus in question is the Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah virus, which "searches for passwords for online games and sends them to a server located in China. Hard to believe that's what they would be interested in, but online games are big business, and one of the games searched for is World of Warcraft.

Although it's easy to laugh because it's a Chinese sub-contractor, security experts say that it's easy for this kind of thing to happen. All it takes is just one PC in the testing, manufacturing, and QA chain to be infected. Perhaps they were using Microsoft's Windows Live